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Our Guide to Sweet Sixteen Parties

Trying to figure out what to do for your child's Sweet Sixteen birthday party can be a whole lot of work--oftentimes, it can be way more work than you would expect it to be, especially if your child can be, like many teenagers can be at a certain point where they require a little bit more attention that teens of other ages. Sixteen is usually the age where the kids start to feel like they are trying to distance themselves from the nest a little bit, but are also now more dependent on you and your financial support than they ever have been before. This can cause a little bit of strain when it comes to the planning of a Sweet 16 party for them. For even the most headstrong parents, it can start to feel pretty overwhelming sometimes, especially when your child won't even open up to you with what it is that they want to do for their party. Some of them will be really vague and nonspecific about what it is that they'd like to do with their party, others will demand far too much to the point of being completely ridiculous and unrealistic, while others still will be as simple as asking for a wad of cash. This can cause a great deal of stress because it seems like no matter which direction you choose, you will always end up with the short end of the stick, and a very angry sixteen year old.

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But it's not only your child that you have to keep in mind, it's all of the extra details about the party as well. Who are the people that will be invited, and how many will you invite? Will it be a party for all members of the family, including Aunt Bernadette and Grandma Gertrude, or will it be strictly for your child's friends? The next thing you need to consider is the theme, activities, and location of the party itself. These few aspects of the party planning process alone are enough to give most parents a great deal of stress.

Stress free solution for your event

A fantastic solution to most of this stress is to rent a party bus to help with your transportation needs. This is fantastic because it not only relieves you and whatever potential parent chaperons from needing to cart around a dozen teenagers, but it also prevents your children from needing to cart themselves around. This is a fantastic way to keep the party going all night long, while transporting the party to all of the locations that have been decided upon for the party. With our professionally trained drivers, you can be sure that they will be getting to the next location safe and sound, while never having to stop the party!

As for possible locations, there are an ample number of possibilities! They could go laser tagging, go-kart racing, attend a comedy show, go to an amusement park, play disc golf, horseback riding, karaoke, or even attend a concert! And the party bus driver will wait patiently for them to be done before taking them to their next fun-filled location!

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