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If there's one thing that Michigan is known for--other than it's beautiful lakes and its treacherous roads, it's its love for sports. It is an enormous part of the culture, at least of the lower peninsula of Michigan. Whether you're interested in hockey, football, basketball, baseball, or soccer, Michigan is home to a remarkable variety of different professional and college football teams--including the fantastic Michigan State Spartans!

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Now, we don't think there's anything inherently wrong with catching a sports game live on the television set in your living room, or out at the local bar, but we all know that the best way to support your favorite team is by attending a live game and cheering them on where they can hear you! Plus, you're surrounded by thousands of other fellows who are equally as invested in your favorite team as you are, and it builds a great deal of camaraderie that you never would have experienced otherwise. So, yes, you can go ahead and watch a game at home and enjoy it all day long, but until you're watching the game live and in person, can you really feel the same level of excitement and energy?

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We know what you're thinking, though. Sure, attending a live game is a lot of fun and it's unarguably the best way to experience sports games, but there is a large, glaring issue when it comes to attending any sort of live game, or any live performance of any sort for that matter--and that's transportation. First of all, you want to party and get your palette whetted before you even make your way down to the game, and keep the train chugging along until well after the game is over. How on Earth are you supposed to do this when you are expected to transport a group of your riled up friends to a local game? Not to mention the fact that leading up tot he game, there are thousands of other sports fans vying for the same spots that you are. This can be a major headache when heading into the game and can put you in a bad mood before you are even seeing the game you've been so excited for, and when you're leaving the game the traffic can be enough to make you want to hang up your car keys for good.

A fantastic solution to these issues is to hire a party bus service to do the transporting for you! We here at Party Bus Lansing will happily transport you to and from any and all of the venues in the Southeast Michigan area--including Detroit Sporting Events. We can pick you all up at someone's house and transport you to the local pubs before and after the games, and since alcohol is allowed on the bus, the party never has to stop!

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