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Concerts and Music Festivals in Lansing

Planning a trip to go to a concert or a music festival can be a very exciting thing to do--like, you're about to see one of your favorite bands, or more than one of your favorite bands perform live for you and only a couple thousand more people. It's about as personal as you can get with the music that you listen to, and it's one of the most beloved past times of music listeners all around the world. There's simply a certain allure to going out and seeing a music show that can't be matched by anything.

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However, one of the most frustrating things about attending a concert or music festival is attempting to handle transportation. How can one possibly be expected to have a good time at a concert when they can't party too hard beforehand because they need to be the designated driver to and from the concert? Why do they even serve drinks at the concert halls with all of the people that need to drive in and out? Not to mention the insane level of traffic that usually coincides with many popular music events.

This is where Party Bus Lansing comes in. We make it so going to any concert, music festivals, or performing arts events are as easy as one simple phone call and credit card payment. We offer transportation to and from all music venues, concert halls, and theaters in the Lansing area. Our state-of-the-art party buses, town cars, and limousines are absolutely optimal for getting a large group of people to their desired destination, with no worries about the transportation or needing to find a designated driver. We offer an impressive variety of different packages that can be adjusted to fit whatever your specific needs are.

Best music venues in Lansing

The following guide will give you a list of music venues that we transport to, however, it is not a comprehensive list. The best way to be sure that we will be able to service your planned night out is by giving us a call and getting your free estimate.

The Loft, being one of the Lansing area's most popular music venues, is a location that we are frequently hired to transport parties to. It is a smaller venue, with a seating limit of about 400 people, but it is one of Lansing's most beloved venues because of its authentic flair and fantastic bands that come through. Bands such as Bastille and Shanell Henry frequent this location during their tours.

If you're looking to miss classy with punk, using one of our party buses to transport you to Mac's Bar on East Michigan Avenue could be just the choice for you. Since the mid 90's, Mac's Bar has been a frequent stops for beloved punk acts such as Agent Orange and The Devil Wears Prada.

If you're among the "hipper" crowds, then attending a show at The Avenue Cafe might be a better choice for you. They value live music, craft beers, coffee, and sport vegetarian and vegan dishes. This venue has been frequented by musicians such as Nick Cave and Desmond Jones.

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