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Our Guide to College Graduations in Lansing

Well, you have made it. Shortly, you will be walking across that platform and receiving your degree. You are in the big leagues now. Are you ready? So, what are you going to do now? Are you going to graduate school or heading into the job market? There are more challenges ahead, but you can be proud of the ones you have overcome so far. When you really sit back and think about it, graduating gives you such mixed feelings. On one hand, you are very excited about having achieved this goal and about heading onto new horizons. On the other hand, it is very sad to leave behind all of the great memories and friends that you have become very close with. It hasn't been that long since you were pulling all nighters together or preparing for that big speech or that group project. Now, everyone is heading their own direction and as life would have it, everyone will not be able to stay as close as they have been. But, you will all try to stay in touch as best as you can. In the meantime, you still have a few nights left together and you would like to plan a big event with some of the people you have become really close with in the last few years.

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You might want to plan an evening centered around some of the group's favorite haunts. It will be like traveling through memory lane and would serve to solidify these special places in everyone's mind before each individual heads off into the wild blue yonder. You want the night to be very special and to leave everyone with amazing memories that they will never forget. Besides your list of venues that you want to visit, there is a way of getting around that will heighten the pleasure of the evening and make it even more memorable. There is nothing that will make your evening more special than a party bus from Lansing Party Buses. Remember, these are your last moments together for who knows how long and you want to be able to spend the entire evening together with no breaks. One of our party buses will allow you to do this. Otherwise, everyone would have to carpool and repeatedly break up and come back together. A party bus will make sure everyone in your group will be safe foe the entire night as well. No one will have to worry about driving in traffic or parking and walking to each venue. Also, no one has to worry about getting a DUI or getting into an accident because of drinking and driving.

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This is going to be so special for your group because while on your party bus, everyone will have a chance to make sure they enjoy themselves while saying their “so long for now” speeches. And your group will not believe the features that we have installed on their party bus. You will be greeted with LED color changing mood lighting on the walls, ceiling, steps, and coolers. These light always create a nice warm and exciting feeling. We also have, for your listening pleasure, installed a premium concert quality sound system with 12” sub-woofers and CD/iPod/MP3 inputs. So, make sure your group bring their favorite tunes. What would really be cool is if someone could put together come video footage and maybe some collages of the groups last 4 years. Then it could be shown on the multiple high definition flat screen televisions with DVD capabilities. Have everyone sit down on the customized leather wraparound seating. This will be a great place for the group to share stories of memories and talk about dreams of the future. If the group feels like getting active, we have you covered there as well. There is a customized hardwood dance floor with dancing pole that anyone can avail themselves of at anytime.

Does this sound like a night to remember. We think so too. We want to help your group bond for that one last time before heading off in different directions. You will all get to ride in luxury together and figure out how to stay in touch. Give us a call soon and talk to us about the possibilities for a beautiful night like this. Our customer service agents are very knowledgeable about all things party bus related and would love to start a conversation with you. It would be our absolute pleasure to service your graduation event.

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